Facebook Check-In

Facebook® Check-in Powered by Aruba®

How Our Solution Works

In the restaurant and hospitality industries, businesses seek to improve customer engagement and leverage new streams of marketing such as social media. Leveraging Diverse Concepts, Inc.'s (DCi) partnership with Aruba®, an HPE Company, the Olive Grove Restaurant in Linthicum Heights, Maryland was able to achieve this goal. By abandoning consumer-grade wireless network equipment and moving to Commercial-Grade wireless network equipment, Aruba® Networks allows businesses like the Olive Grove Restaurant to offer Free WiFi to its customers in exchange for checking in on Facebook®.

DCi offers an Aruba® Instant wireless network that fully integrates free guest WiFi capabilities with full Facebook® Check-in integration. Now, when users connect to the free WiFi, they are taken to a captive portal presentation of the Olive Grove's Facebook® page along with a message stating that user needs to check-in before being granted internet access. Guest network access can be set with time limitations (30 minutes to 24 hours) which will require customers to check-in periodically to remain on the network. Either way, it ensures that the users of your Guest WiFi check-in at regular intervals driving higher visibility to your establishment.

So What Does This Do For Your Business?

How does a business attract more customers in a cost effective manner? With the pervasive nature of Social Media, just about everyone is connected in some way. In 2010 Facebook® introduced Facebook® Check-In as a way to advertise a business on an exponential scale. Have one customer connect your business to their entire list of Facebook® friends and that free advertising creates many possibilities to attract more customers. Aruba® Networks integrated Facebook® Check-In into their Aruba® Instant wireless technology to provide a cost effective solution that provides limitless returns on invest.

Business competition in any industry is the make or break element that keeps owners and managers of companies awake at night. There is no fiercer competition than in the hospitality industry. Growing your business is based on a simple premise of finding new customers and retaining existing ones. As any business owner will tell you, advertising dollars are limited and as such require maximum return on investment. Enter the world of Social Media. What is it and how do you engage prospective customers and current ones?

The DCi Solution is Right For You

Social media is a collection of computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. In the case of Olive Grove Restaurant, the solution is how to leverage Social Media to acquire new customers and retain current ones. The answer is to utilize a virtual community like Facebook® to promote their business. Since customers demand wireless internet connectivity or Wi-Fi, let's leverage that requirement to create an advertising opportunity for your business. With Facebook® Check-In you have the ability to connect to all of your customers' Facebook® "Friends".

Letting customers check into and "Like" your Facebook® page before accessing free Wi-Fi drives up engagements by increasing traffic, showing up on customer Timeline / News Feed, and through shared offers and promotions. Yom Facebook® page will also improve in Facebook® Search rankings, making it easier for people to find you.

Page Insights will provide you with valuable analytics about customers through access to demographics data about everyone who Checks In and "Likes" the page.

Best of all, with an Aruba® Instant wireless network solution this all happens automatically. Aruba® Instant with Facebook® Check-In enabled makes it easy to offer free Wi-Fi access to all Facebook® users. No special access codes or staff involvement required.

Key benefits of a Facebook® Check-In solution are better understanding of customer likes and preferences, building brand loyalty, and optimizing advertising campaigns to drive revenue and boost your profit margins.

Why Should You Choose DCi?

DCi is a full-service Wireless Network Engineering firm that provides high quality Radio Frequency (RF) analysis, predictive RF studies, network installation, and RF validation studies. We're pretty sure that you may have just said, "What does that even mean?" So, we'll break it down for you:

Before we order any equipment or do any installations, we'll come to your location and check your location for different Radio Frequency characteristics that may impede or interfere with a wireless network. This includes environmental challenges and equipment challenges, for instance a microwave oven interferes with the 2.4GHz RF spectrum but the 5GHz spectrum remains unaffected. Our wireless engineers know exactly what to look for to make sure that you have the right equipment, in the right place, to prevent service disruption and maximize wireless coverage/performance.

The predictive RF study combines an architectural/floorplan drawing of your space with a predictable RF propagation pattern so that you can visualize what your coverage areas will look like. An RF validation study is simply a validation of the predictive study to ensure that your network provides coverage and performance as designed.

See the DCi Facebook® Check-In Whitepaper

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