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Diverse Concepts, Inc. teamed with Resilient Point, LLC to offer a TRUE Secure Wireless solution that has been accredited by the NSA for data transmission up to Top Secret/SCI.  The goal of this partnership is to offer our customers (federal agencies) an opportunity purchase under our GSA Schedule 70.  Diverse Concepts and Resilient Point have been working collectively with multiple Intelligence Community agencies to design, implement and sustain this solution.  Their secure wireless architecture has allowed them to diversify, mobilize, and modernize their infrastructure, enabling wireless devices to operate securely within their environment.  Our development, design, and implementation teams offer subject matter expertise in support of the secure wireless architecture deployed in several segments of the Intelligence Community. 


    • Our team is the ONLY provider of commercial-off-the-shelf (CoTS) Secure Wireless Solution approved for use up to Top Secret/SCI network
    • Resilient Point’s Secure Mobility Team and Diverse Concepts engineers are instrumental to the development and implementation of the NSA’s currently deployed Secure Wireless Program
    • Our solution adheres to the guidance set forth by the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program and Mobility Capability Package. The solution:
      • Provides Suite B cryptography to protect classified data
      • Increased speed up to 10 times of current Type 1 secure wireless encryption rates
      • Eliminates the need for cost prohibitive Type 1 HAIPE encryption devices
    • Since accreditation, our team has used this wireless solution as the benchmark to provide customized solutions that fit the needs of our clients



    • Provide a test case for an enterprise solution through an affordable pilot deployment
    • Provide access to Top Secret/SCI data via a TRUE Secure Wireless transport
    • Simplify encryption device management
    • Transition to varied levels of data classification through the use of thick or thin clients

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Roy E. White

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Steven G. Brower, Jr.

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