Who is Diverse Concepts, Inc.

Diverse Concepts (DCi) has been providing technology solutions and consulting services to private sector clients since June 2002. We offer a broad range of technology products and services in the areas of Systems Engineering, Systems Architecture, Network Engineering, Network Architecture, Information Assurance, Information Security, Secure Wireless, Computer Forensics, and Program Management to our clients. By contributing professional and highly trained personnel to provide the highest quality of service within a variety of areas of the Information Technology realm, our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional IT support, solutions, and service that surpass their satisfaction. This allows DCi to focus on continuous innovation as it relates to advancing the user experience, overall efficiency and staying ahead of the curve.

The History of Diverse Concepts, Inc.

Diverse Concepts, Inc. was the creation of partners who believed in an idea where they could create a company that would be a viable alternative to the large businesses that treated their employees simply as a number.  In June 2002, Diverse Concepts, LLC was born from that idea and signed a contract with its first commercial client the Law Offices of Cooper and Tuerk, LLP in November 2002.  In 2003 Diverse Concepts won a government contract and another commercial contract and was well on its way to continued growth for the next decade.

The year 2011 became a milestone year for Diverse Concepts as its employee base officially doubled in size supporting ten contracts in both government and commercial environments.  In June 2012, Diverse Concepts officially moved to a larger office in Millersville, MD and opened up a PC Repair Lab and an Equipment Testing Facility to continue to expand its business base.

Through 2020, Diverse Concepts’ continued growing and eventually its commercial business began to outpace its government business. In November 2019 this growth attracted the attention of Independent Software, Inc. and in January 2020 Independent Software acquired Diverse Concepts. Derrick Repep, Executive Vice President of Independent Software, continues to grow the company’s Mid-Atlantic office in Ellicott City, Maryland. Eric Jansen, Executive Vice President, working alongside Rhonda Jansen, are responsible for the company’s growth in the southeastern region working out of a satellite office located in Florida.