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In the event that you delete an important file or your hard drive crashes, DCi has on staff computer technicians who can forensically recover your data!  Just remember, call us right away because the longer you wait, the more likely that deleted file is overwritten by your operating system!  DCi can also assist you in the expense of a forensic recovery by providing you with an affordable cloud-based backup solution that is guaranteed to keep your data safe and secure.

Our prices range from $64.99 to $264.99 for data recovery services. The initial evaluation on any hard drive will follow our “NO DATA, NO CHARGE” policy. In the event that we can not recover any data, we will send the drive out to our data recovery partner for evaluation in a Class 100 Clean Room (static-free and dust-free). Our data recovery partner, if necessary, will provide a firm estimate and again and the initial “NO DATA, NO CHARGE” policy still applies.

What is the cause?

What Causes Hard Drive Failure?

The list of incidents causing hard drive failures and subsequent data loss includes, but is not limited to, human error, power surges, overwriting, physical damage, natural disasters and viruses.

Why Do Hard Drives Lose Data?

Dci Data Recovery engineers classify hard drive data loss in two categories:

    • Logical failure — the hard drive is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as a lost partition or accidental reformatting; and
    • Mechanical failure — the hard drive is not functioning. The most common causes are head crashes and motor failures.

You’ve lost your data!

Our technicians use cutting edge tools and software to recover your data and transfer it to a secondary drive.

Through our Data Recovery services, we have the expertise to handle:

    • All causes of data loss, from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations, including human error, viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure and more; and
    • All types of media, devices and systems from hard drive recovery to recovering RAID systems, to laptops or MP3 players. DCi Data Recovery engineers can even recover data from storage or database systems that are unique to your organization.

Personal computers, workstations, laptops, and even digital cameras that store data on hard drives, removable magnetic media or flash RAM cards, all suffer from the same failures, some of which are:

    • Unable to boot;
    • Accidental deletion of data;
    • Inaccessible drives or partitions; and
    • Data corrupted.

We can recover data from any interface:

    • IDE or EIDE;
    • Serial ATA (SATA);
    • SCSI;
    • SAS;
    • Fibre Channel;
    • Any combination of drives: single hard drive or multiple RAID drives; and
    • Any make, model or brand.

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No Data, No Charge Policy

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We also understand your need for privacy and will employ the same security measures for our private consumers as we do for our commercial customers when it comes to security of your systems and data.