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Identifying, retrieving and reviewing relevant data in both client and opposing party systems requires a broad understanding and awareness of computer technology, as well as the letter of the law. Whether it is computer, network, email, or even voice mail data, our experts can help. Our forensic examiners utilize powerful technology to tackle challenges posed by today’s complex litigation and investigation environment. DCi can provide full scale digital forensics support ranging from Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) to internal policy investigations and criminal investigation support. Our digital forensics experts will complete reports, provide assistance with trial preparation and will assist your firm to navigate the complexities and minimizes uncertainties that arise in every step of the litigation process, starting from initial assessment through expert courtroom testimony. We guide you through all steps of the discovery process,which includes assistance with:

    • Privileged Data Assessment
    • Digital Evidence Preservation and Collection
    • Advanced Analysis and Processing
    • Courtroom Presentation and Expert Witness Testimony
    • Litigation Support

DCi utilizes court proven and defensible procedures to effectively and efficiently capture, preserve, and analyze data. Our digital forensics experts have the ability to recover vast amounts of data that may be exonerating or detrimental to certain cases. Extensive use of digital evidence investigation tools and techniques provides counsel with critical information and pertinent facts that are easily understood and presented. Keep in mind that retaining these services does not warrant, imply, or otherwise indicate a particular result or finding. Our experts will remain open-minded and unbiased throughout the course of the investigation.

DCi also provides a complete range of electronic information risk analysis services to assist businesses, professional firms and other organizations with conducting internal investigations and in the assessment and mitigation of risks posed by both internal and external threats associated with large volumes of electronic data

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