Proactive monitoring for your business

Our full system/network monitoring suite allows us the ability to proactively provide support that could not otherwise be provided and will ensure all your workstations, laptops and servers are operating at peak efficiency.  Our monitoring service allows us to spot and address potential issues such as disk failures and Windows® services disruptions long before they impact our customer’s operations.  DCi can automate, and setup customizable checks and configurable alerts which will allow us to remotely monitor and manage all your computers, including your mobile workforce.

What we can monitor


Managed Antivirus

Our full-featured Antivirus provides your business with real-time threat protection against viruses, spyware and other malware without hogging system resources or slowing down PCs – even during scans and updates.  DCi is able to manage and configure the antivirus software on all your servers, workstations and laptops on the move, from one central point of control.

Asset Tracking

As any business knows, a good IT inventory management enables you to make smarter decisions and reduce costs.  By tracking IT assets and keeping ahead of demand, hardware and software can be provisioned just-in-time for when it’s needed.  DCi can save you the time and expense of manual audits, or the hassle of coordinating audits across multiple locations, with real-time IT asset tracking in our Monitoring Suite.

Patch Management

The DCi Monitoring Suite provides your business with a patch management service which allows us to always know where the vulnerable browsers, applications and operating systems are and so that we can quickly remediate to get them to up-to-date; keeping your business applications safe and in good health.  This service provides missing patch detection and automated patch deployment for both Microsoft® and non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe®, Java, Firefox, and more.