Small Business Services

DCi offers a strong portfolio of Small Business IT services that are specifically tailored to the needs of the small business community.  We understand that resources within small businesses are limited but you still need high quality services in order to maintain the viability of your business.  DCi takes an approach to providing small business services that puts a focus directly on your bottom line, providing you with an IT infrastructure that you can count on, and most importantly — putting you back to work on what matters most to your business by freeing you up to focus directly on your business.

Your bottom line first

Every business, especially in this economy, has to be concerned with its bottom line.  What we are finding is that small businesses, because resources are usually limited, are focused more on the bottom line than any other business segment which is why our Managed IT Service Plans are designed with the bottom line in mind.  When evaluating any potential solution to IT support, there are things that have a direct impact on your bottom line — whether you realize them or not.

Without a reliable IT infrastructure, your workers may not be as productive as they can be.  Every time a computer goes down, crashes, or gets “slow”, your staff loses productivity.  Does your current IT support provider make money by keeping your systems up and running or do they make their money when your systems break?  As a business owner or manager, we need to consider the incentives that our service providers have and do those incentives align with our business objectives.

DCi’s approach to Managed IT Services services focuses on Proactivity, Affordability, Reliability, and Security.  By providing you with budget-friendly, affordable Managed IT Support, DCi is able to proactively service your IT infrastructure to prevent downtime, improve reliability, and ensure that your systems are safe and secure.

Getting back to business

For many business, computers are not the focus of the business rather are a tool used in the course of business.  As a small business, we understand that many small business owners wear many different “hats” throughout the day.  To some extent, so do ours.  What we have found over the years is that when we focus on auxiliary tasks that aren’t the focus of the business, they detract from our ability to keep moving forward.  Not to say that we wouldn’t be able to move forward without completing these auxiliary functions but imagine if those auxiliary functions were already taken care of for you.  Imagine being able to focus on your core business instead of your chore business.

Often times, when you support your chore business, you have to consider the following:

    • What is the time trade-off between making money and completing the chore?
    • Are you working as efficiently at your chore  business as someone who is highly skilled at that same task?
    • If you are actively engaged with a customer and your chore business requires immediate attention, what is the cost associated with continued down time and/or walking away from your customer?

For many businesses owners or even some employees, computers are an “other duty as assigned” that pull you away from the real reason you are there — taking care of your customers, products, services, and projects.  Computers are a necessity for your business to function but if they aren’t your core business, they are… well… a chore.  Since IT is our core, our specialty, our “bread-and-butter” so-to-speak, it makes sense to let us tackle these tasks.

IT services you can count on

As both a small business and an IT Service Provider, we understand how important computers can be to businesses like yours.  We also have a deep understanding of what it means to be without computers when they are needed for so many of the routine tasks that are taken care of throughout the day.  While we understand that not every problem is a catastrophic event, think back over the six months to a year about the following questions:

    • How many times has your computer crashed?
    • How many times has your computer been painfully slow?
    • How many times have you had to tell a customer that your systems were down or running slow?
    • How many hours has some sort of computer problem pulled you (or an employee of yours) away from your other work?
    • How much did you lose in potential revenue?
    • How much did you pay an employee who sat at his/her desk while he/she was unable to work?

I know that was a lot of questions, but they are important questions.  They help you assess where you truly stand so that you can make an informed decision about how to move forward.  Thinking of a single incident that was identified in the questions above, now consider these alternatives:

    • How much time and/or money would you have saved if this had never happened?
    • How many of these incidents might have been avoided with systems monitoring and preventive maintenance?
    • Wouldn’t have been nice to have been able to call someone and know that this is going to be taken care of in a timely fashion and that the person coming to help wouldn’t cost you anything that you haven’t already built into your budget?

Thinking about your considerations given under that second set of questions, you may want to check out DCi OnSite – DCi’s Managed IT Service Plan. DCi OnSite is designed to help you achieve efficiency when it comes to IT.  DCi will proactively monitor and maintain your systems for you to help prevent and provide early warning of problems, wherever possible.  While we can’t always predict when a problem is going to occur, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that we have your back.  DCi is there to support you when you need it, onsite or remotely, and best of all — our standard plan includes unlimited support!  Whether it takes us 10 minutes or 10 hours, it doesn’t cost you anything extra.  How’s that for budget friendly?  Okay, okay… now you are thinking, “What’s the catch?  There has to be a catch.”  And, you’re right, there is.  The catch is that our profits are higher when your systems don’t go down since we are able to more efficiently utilize our technicians, your cost will be the same either way.  So, you guessed it, we are financially motivated to make sure that your systems stay up and running… all the time.  Other companies only get paid when your systems break, just like that dreaded trip to the not-so-honest auto mechanic.  We’re more like the maintenance shop that prevents problems with one key difference, we’re there for you when the problems arise and what you paid for your maintenance also covers your repair.  That’s like an oil change with a warranty attached to it.

Our Cloud-Based Exchange and Cloud-Based Backup services are also designed with reliability in mind.  If you can’t count on your email or your system backups being available when you need it, then what good are they?  We guarantee availability of both and we’ll always be there to assist you whenever you need it.


All of DCi’s service offerings can be tailored to your business needs, allowing us to fit your business model and are designed to be a pay-as-you-go model.  We aim to keep monthly charges consistent so that you can build your budget around them.  We aim to keep costs reasonable so that you can afford them.  We are committed to the success of your business and that means we need to have a positive impact on your bottom line.


Because DCi maintains a proactive approach, DCi is committed to making sure your computers and networks are reliable.  Ask yourself this question — If my computer systems are down for a day, how much business could I lose?  Information Technology has really become the heartbeat that keeps businesses moving.  Without IT, even for a short time, capabilities and services are diminished.  We understand that you count on your technology solutions and that is why we aim to keep you up and running.  We make sure that you see your computer systems as reliable.  It’s that simple.


DCi has a deeply rooted history in providing highly secure services.  Our entire suite of small business service offerings are designed to bring industry-leading security technologies along with our service.  We have individuals on staff that can address security concerns, both physical and technological, as they may apply to our work.  We are committed to protecting your computers, networks, servers, and data.


DCi’s Small Business Service offerings are designed around the concept of being proactive.  By providing service proactively, we are able to avoid, limit, and mitigate service-impacting outages.  Our DCi Onsite Managed IT Service Plans, Cloud-Based Exchange, and Cloud-Based Backups maintain a focus on being proactive.  There are a lot of companies out there that make money by providing support only if something breaks, incentivizing the reactive approach.  With DCi’s core service models, we make no additional money your systems are down, thus removing the incentive to let it break.