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Diverse Concepts, Inc. developed and offers a TRUE Secure Wireless solution that has earned accolades from the U.S. Government as being one of the most innovative and secure solutions currently on the market. The goal is to offer our customers a completely secure solution for their own wireless transmissions regardless of whether they are in the office our in a public airport. Our secure wireless architecture has allowed our customers to diversify, mobilize, and modernize their infrastructure, enabling wireless devices to operate securely within any environment with a connection to the internet. Our development, design, and implementation teams offer subject matter expertise in support of the secure wireless architecture already deployed with several enterprise-class customers.


  • Our team is the ONLY provider of this proprietary Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (CoTS) Secure Wireless Solution approved for use on some of the most sensitive networks.
  • Diverse Concepts’ Secure Mobility Team is continually developing new capabilities for this platform to ensure that we are staying ahead of current wireless vulnerabilities; our team is currently working to add quantum-safe encryption to our solution.
  • Our solution adheres to the guidance set forth by the U.S. government’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program and Mobility Capability Package. The solution:
    • Provides Suite B cryptography to protect classified data
    • Increases speed up to 10 times the current Type 1 secure wireless encryption rates
    • Eliminates the need for cost prohibitive Type 1 HAIPE encryption devices


  • Provide a test case for an enterprise solution through an affordable pilot deployment
  • Provide access to sensitive data via a TRUE Secure Wireless transport
  • Simplify encryption device management
  • Transition to varied levels of data classification through the use of thick or thin clients

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Secure Wireless Solution