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DCi provides operations support services for all major hardware and infrastructure software platforms including mainframes, server platforms, databases, application servers, operating systems, IP-based networks, and wireless networks.

We have numerous years of experience administering multiple Windows Server operating systems, as well as Unix operating systems, in mixed domain environments. Our technicians have experience ensuring interoperability between various Windows Server operating systems, as well as, Unix Server operating systems. This allows our customers to perform numerous functions within one heterogeneous server environment to shrink costs and provide its users with a diverse environment to run and develop applications and software.

Our staff provides full operational support including systems monitoring, network monitoring, problem determination, problem reporting, problem escalation, operating system upgrades, change control, version management, backup and recovery, capacity planning, performance tuning and system programming.

Some of support services offered by DCi include:

    • Help Desk Support
    • Network Management
    • Data Center Management
    • Server Management
    • Application Management
    • Virtualization Integration
    • Oracle and SQL Server Database Administration
    • Web Infrastructure Management
    • Systems Integration
    • Business Continuity Assessments
    • Disaster Recovery Audits
    • Exchange Administration

Our technicians are Subject Matter Experts (SME) and administrators who have numerous years of experience developing, installing, configuring, and maintaining VMware, Virtual Data Center, and other similar virtual software suites. Within these virtual environments, we can configure and maintain failover clusters to provide their customers with business continuity as part of their disaster recovery plan.

We can continually monitor computer system status, record and resolve trouble calls or requests of service by phone or ticket, perform problem resolution and escalations, and monitor application/services to ensure that our customers are not impacted by an unexpected outage. Our technicians have numerous years of experience monitoring networks and equipment using various software monitoring tools like Big Brother and HP OpenView. We have experience monitoring mixed Windows and UNIX environments and are capable of troubleshooting and resolving any issues found during monitoring.

DCi has an excellent reputation of restoring services and meeting and exceeding customer SLAs and expectations. Our technicians are highly trained and are capable of providing quick resolutions to any issues that may arise at a customer’s facility. We work with our customers to monitor, maintain, improve and report on IT services. DCi can provide metrics and trend analysis on the types of problems/faults and their frequencies, and will identify areas where we can provide further troubleshooting or fine tuning so that we are capable of eliminating reoccurring outages in the future.

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