Diverse Concepts has the ability to deploy, monitor, manage and automatically fix virus threats! And now you have another reason to love it even more as the latest release of our Managed Antivirus solution has improved malware protection offering best in class security and a free malware removal service. What does it all mean? A superior security service, superior customer service – and peace of mind for you. So easy!

Managed Antivirus Subscription

We take protecting your PC very seriously, so we make it as easy as possible for you to choose the best antivirus protection for you! Our Managed Antivirus defends you against online threats through an optimized antivirus and anti-spyware tool that will keep your PC secure without slowing it down.

Configure every aspect of the Managed Antivirus agent including scan schedules, remediation action (i.e. what to do if a threat is discovered) and file and folder exclusions.

Even the most aware web surfers can sometimes run across programs they weren’t prepared for, and these programs can severely damage their computers and operating systems. Many viruses can implant themselves without a user knowing, especially if they embed themselves into a commonly used file. As a result, antivirus software is very important to use, even if you think you don’t need it.

DCi Managed Antivirus offers ultra-secure malware protection based on the award-winning Malwarebytes Enterprise Security. This latest version of Managed Antivirus not only gives you improved security, but a malware removal service FREE of charge. It is quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage the antivirus agent on your computer.

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12 Months Managed Antivirus Subscription

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We also understand your need for privacy and will employ the same security measures for our private consumers as we do for our commercial customers when it comes to security of your systems and data.

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